Picman2 WMS

Pickman2 is a warehouse management app available for android smartphones. It is Bluetooth & manual based app that makes you connect your barcode scanner, QR code scanner, Weight machine. It makes warehouse management easy by keeping track of the arrivals, return, shipping, picking & so on. It also facilitates group orders & group pickings of the products.

  • UI Design
  • CMS Development
  • Android Native App Development
  • Warehouse Management Functionality
  • Retrofit Implementation
  • App Design
  • Web Management
  • Web Portal Management

The Challenge

  • New concepts in Japan with various management system.
  • Security management
  • Implementation of  Multiple libraries.
  • Various barcode scanner implementation.
  • Productivity of application.
  • Code compatibility.
  • Manual Weight Machine implementation
  • Bluetooth connectivity.

The Solution

  • Web back-end interface
  • Android development
  • API interface for quick response
  • SDK Implementation
  • White Box testing
  • MVP Structure
  • Manual Coding Product Weight Implementation