Chatman is a warehouse management app available for android smartphones. It is Bluetooth based app that makes you connect your barcode scanner. It makes warehouse management easy by keeping track of the arrivals, return, shipping,picking & so on.

  • UI Design
  • CMS Development
  • Android Native App Development
  • Warehouse Management Functionality
  • App Development
  • API Management
  • Web Portal Management

The Challenge

  • New concepts in Japan with various management system.
  • Security Management
  • Implementation of  Multiple libraries.
  • Barcode Scanner Implementation.
  • Productivity of application.
  • Code Compatibility.
  • Setting up old code with new API level
  • Bluetooth Connectivity.

The Solution

  • Web back-end interface
  • Android development
  • API Interface for quick response
  • Sdk implementation
  • White box testing
  • MVP Structure